Emu Oil has been found to benefit sufferers of eczema, acne, shingles, cold sores and arthritis




My son has a severe case of eczema and needs a prescription every time it flares up.
His feet and wrists are bothered the worst, and get so bad that they crack and bleed.
It was suggested to us to try Emu Oil, and to our surprise within 2 to 3 times of using this, his eczema cleared up!
Thanks to the Emu Oil we no longer need to use cortisone, and his eczema is under control.
I would recommend anyone to try Emu Oil; weíre glad we did!

Laurie Renaud, Saskatchewan


My wife and I have been pleasantly surprised by the wonderful effects of your Emu Oil on our youngest daughterís acne.
She is 14 years old, and a typical teenager with a few facial blemishes that she was very concerned about.
Her two older sisters had gone through this phase with standard drugstore remedies {Clearasil, etc.}, but they didnít seem to be helping Cathy.

When we visited your farm on your open house weekend, we bought a vial of 100% Emu Oil, and suggested that she use a little bit each night.
The next month even our neighbour noticed that her face had dramatically cleared up!
Now my other two daughters are using the product for general facial health.
Originally it seemed more expensive, but each application uses so little oil that the small container will last for months.
They spent a lot more money on cosmetics that didnít help them.

Victor Brunka, Toronto, Ontario


I suffered with a severe case of shingles.
Not being able to stand the itch and aggravation, and after trying medical and home remedies, I was desperate. 
My daughter had a sample of Emu Oil, so I tried it.
It truly did help!
The Emu Oil relieved the itch and soreness, and within a week of constant use my skin returned to normal.
Yes, Emu Oil does work!

Paul Heglon, Saskatchewan  


My husband has always had a lot of cold sores in the wintertime. They are on his nose, his mouth and large ugly ones.
He has started using Emu Oil on them as soon as they start to develop and they do not amount to anything. 
He swears by it.

Don & Lois McIntyre, Ontario


I have arthritis in the back of my neck and lately, I was in constant pain.
It got to the point that I figured I could try Emu Oil, just in case it would help.
To my surprise, my pain almost disappeared after just rubbing the oil on.
I use it morning and evening. Maybe it wonít cure the arthritis, but being pain free means a lot to me!
My husband also suffers from arthritis and he feels the pain relief too.

Monique Barette, Tilbury, Ontario

I suffer from occasional sore shoulder, elbow and arm pain.
I purchased some Emu Oil and it worked on my arm almost immediately.
The elbow and shoulder are getting better.
I will continue to use this product and have recommended it to my sister for her shoulder pain.

Luella Holman, Ontario

I have been suffering with arthritis for many years.
On February 12, 1999, my son purchased Emu Oil capsules and lotion for me to use on a trial basis.
I took two capsules that day and applied the oil on my sore joints. 
After starting the capsules, it was about two weeks before I noticed an improvement in my condition.
The Emu Oil lotion that I applied externally on my sore joints worked almost immediately.
My feet get sore when the weather changes and when this happens, I add a couple of drops of Emu Oil
to a basin of hot water and soak my feet, and by the time the water cools, the pain has eased.

I would recommend Emu Oil capsules and Emu Oil lotion for anyone who is suffering from arthritis or has sore joints.
For me, it has given relief from pain.
I know it is not a cure but it definitely helps to ease the pain and discomfort of my arthritis.

D. Stabbler, Unity, Saskatchewan