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is the sole UK importer of 'Songlines' Canadian Emu Oil

Emu Oil has been used for thousands of years by Australian aborigines. 
They apply Emu fat (or oil) on cuts, muscle injuries and sunburns. 
The Australian Emu has been on this planet 80 million years. 
Its’ ability to heal almost any injury is reckoned to be one reason Emus have out-survived the dinosaur.

The Canadian Emu Oil product line, Songlines, takes its name from the Australian outback.

The Australian aborigine has no written language.
Instead, the elders tell the secrets of life to young people in song as they walk their desert path. 

The English word describing this is “songlines”. 
Hence, ‘Songlines’ will be your secret friend in skin and hair care.

About Songlines

Many of the companies treat their Emu Oil like a "vegetable" oil
....that means that the oil goes through 13 or 14 steps which use high heat,
caustic chemicals (i.e. sodium hydroxide), bleaching agents and deodorizing agents. 

The end result is a uniform oil which is stripped of valuable components.

Songlines use a low heat and a series of filtrations to remove all viruses and bacteria. 
This maintains the integrity of the oil while rendering it sterile.
A completely natural process.

Songlines Emu Oil is completely safe and natural – so safe, you can drink it.

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