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We get insect bites frequently, and applying a dab of the oil to the itch makes it disappear within a few seconds and it works great on mosquito bites! Glenn was outside in summer shorts a few days ago and disturbed a huge hornetís nest. He was stung at least seven times on the legs and a couple of places on the face and hands. He came rushing in the house and coated all the bites with Emu Oil. None of the bites ever swelled up, he was able to proceed as if nothing happened! 

Currently, we use the Emu Oil on our feather-picker parrots, and they stop plucking, and start growing in beautiful, shiny feathers. Same for the dogs and cats---flea bites and itching are stopped by applying Emu Oil to the affected area.

A lady called who had somehow gotten hold of our oil and decided to treat her shingles with it, as her dermatologist had given her no relief. Her shingles were gone! She called her mother in California, who also has shingles, and her shingles are gone!

Both Glenn and I, and quite a few people who know us and use Emu Oil have found tremendous relief for tendonitis, carpal-tunnel disease (I have it) and arthritis. Some of us use Emu Oil as the only treatment, and some of us use the Emu Oil as a safe ďdriverĒ (unlike DMSO) to drive cortisone, aspirin crŤme lotions, and menthol compounds deep into the skin tissues.

I am using the oil on stretch marks on my abdomen from pregnancy, and am seeing a gradual reduction in the scars (having been using it for one month to date).

Peggy and Glenn Griffin, Oregon, U.S.

I am a farmer and have a tendency to get bronchitis in the fall at harvest, at Christmas time, and again at seeding time.  I read that Emu Oil helped the human immune system; so about 18 months ago I tried it taking 3 capsules per day.  I have now gone through two winters with no illness worse than a weak head cold.  Also I find that I have a lot more energy and can work all day and donít get near as tired.  I find that I sleep a lot better and am able to get up before 6 am and feel very rested.  I would recommend Emu Oil Gel Caps to anyone who needs more energy.

J. S., Carlyle, Saskatchewan

I am a farmer by trade now, but I used to do a lot of carpentry, dry walling, physical labour, etc. It got to the point where my shoulder would bother me at night sleeping or if I did too much physical labour. I have used Emu Oil externally until I found out they had edible capsules. I started taking 2 capsules a day and by the third week my pain was going away. At 2 months I was amazed at the results I had. No more tossing and turning at night and being too careful about physical labour. It has been a year and a half and I am still enjoying the results of Emu Oil.

D. S., Lintlaw, Saskatchewan

The face cream works very well, it makes my skin very soft. I've been using it on my face in the morning and I've also used it on my hands when they are chapped from the cold wind. They feel better immediately and the results last all day. Also, I also use a tiny bit on the ends of my hair when it is totally out of control. My mom really likes the face cream as well. I'm still using the pure oil for my son's diaper rash; it works like a miracle. I also love the lip balm. Itís so nice to understand the list of ingredients on something that I put on my face! I have also used the Warm Rub instead of Vapour-rub on my 20 month old son. It helped to ease his congestion so he could sleep and it improved the rash on his shoulder at the same time!

Christine K., Saskatchewan 

I have been involved with the use of Emu Oil products for about 1.5 years.  Over this time I have discovered many uses for the oil  As a competitive dart player, Emu Oil Warm Rub works well to help keep my elbow, wrists and neck muscles going during a two day tournament.  I also take the Gel Caps daily and have discovered over the last year or so that nagging haemorrhoids are no longer a problem.  I actually canít remember the last time Iíve had this problem.  Therefore, if you are a person who suffers from haemorrhoids, you can appreciate where I am coming from.  I also use the Natural Emu Oil daily on my hands to control cracking skin across the knuckles.  I havenít had sore cracked skin on my hands for over a year.  Iím sure that as time goes by, I will end up finding that Emu Oil will have uses for me that I havenít even thought about yet.  This is good stuff and I hope it will always be available to me.  I am happy to have the opportunity to share my discoveries with others and I know that once you try the products, you will agree with all my findings as well.

Mike M., Carlyle, Saskatchewan


My wife and I have been pleasantly surprised by the wonderful effects of your Emu Oil on our youngest daughterís acne. She is 14 years old, and a typical teenager with a few facial blemishes that she was very concerned about. Her two older sisters had gone through this phase with standard drugstore remedies {Clearasil, etc.}, but they didnít seem to be helping Cathy.

When we visited your farm on your open house weekend, we bought a vial of 100% Emu Oil, and suggested that she use a little bit each night. The next month even our neighbour noticed that her face had dramatically cleared up! Now my other two daughters are using the product for general facial health. Originally it seemed more expensive, but each application uses so little oil that the small container will last for months. They spent a lot more money on cosmetics that didnít help them.

Victor Brunka, Toronto, Ontario


I have arthritis in the back of my neck and lately, I was in constant pain. It got to the point that I figured I could try Emu Oil, just in case it would help. To my surprise, my pain almost disappeared after just rubbing the oil on. I use it morning and evening. Maybe it wonít cure the arthritis, but being pain free means a lot to me! My husband also suffers from arthritis and he feels the pain relief too.

Monique Barette, Tilbury, Ontario

I suffer from occasional sore shoulder, elbow and arm pain. I purchased some Emu Oil and it worked on my arm almost immediately. The elbow and shoulder are getting better. I will continue to use this product and have recommended it to my sister for her shoulder pain.

Luella Holman, Ontario

I have been suffering with arthritis for many years. On February 12, 1999, my son purchased Emu Oil capsules and lotion for me to use on a trial basis. I took two capsules that day and applied the oil on my sore joints.  After starting the capsules, it was about two weeks before I noticed an improvement in my condition. The Emu Oil lotion that I applied externally on my sore joints worked almost immediately. My feet get sore when the weather changes and when this happens, I add a couple of drops of Emu Oil to a basin of hot water and soak my feet, and by the time the water cools, the pain has eased.

I would recommend Emu Oil capsules and Emu Oil lotion for anyone who is suffering from arthritis or has sore joints. For me, it has given relief from pain. I know it is not a cure but it definitely helps to ease the pain and discomfort of my arthritis.

D. Stabbler, Unity, Saskatchewan


Iíve struggled with ADHD for several years, especially at University.  Iíve tried Ritalin, but after hearing the narcolepsy story, I do well with 3 Emu Oil gel caps per day (taken in the morning).  Iím happy that I no longer need to take Ritalin.

Brian C., Waterloo, Ont.


I believe in Emu Oil. Iíve seen it work last summer when I was boiling jam. It boiled over and I got it all over my thumb and it started to blister. I applied Emu Oil right away and several times after. The next morning, I got up and there was nothing to show what had happened.

My mother also uses Emu Oil as she had a swollen knee and sore shoulder when she turned over at night. Her sore shoulder would wake her up at night. After rubbing with Emu Oil, she no longer has a problem with either.

Mrs. R.J. Johansen, Ontario

Being an auto mechanic I was under a vehicle cutting a bolt with a torch. The bolt rolled into my sleeve of my coveralls and stuck to my arm. By the time I crawled out from under the truck, got my coveralls off; the bolt had already burnt into the flesh about a ľ inch. I used Emu Oil on the burn 3-4 times a day for about a week and to this day it is hard to find the exact spot where the burn was. Our whole family uses Emu Oil for any little scrape, itch, burn, etc. We cannot say enough good about this oil.

Doug English, Saskatchewan

My tenantís 1 year old baby crawled under her jeep that she just drove home, getting a very nasty looking 3rd degree burn across his upper back from the hot tail pipe. I immediately applied copious amounts of Emu Oil to his burn and gave her a large bottle of oil to apply several times that night and next several days. I expected to see a huge blister form and lots of pain and discomfort. To my amazement NO blister formed and in 4 days the underlying replacement skin started to show with NO red or raw look. 3 weeks after I could hardly tell that he had been burnt so severely. Truly amazing.

Russ Davis, B.C.

Six years ago, I received third degree burns to the palms of my hands.  Due to the extended use of strong cortisones, my hands became addicted to their use.  Sadly, every time I tried to discontinue their use, my hands and forearms would explode into a burning, itchy rash.  I have tried a variety of treatments (creams, tars, pills, etc.) in the hope that I might combat this painful problem.  Unfortunately, I always ended up returning to the cortisones as they provided the most effective results, even though they produce many harmful side effects.  Upon a friendís recommendation, two months ago I started using Songlines Emu Oil in place of the steroids.  I am very impressed with the product, as I have not had any breakouts since.  As my hands continue to heal, they look and feel much healthier.  Due to the success I have had with Songlines Emu Oil, I feel very happy in recommending this product.  Thank you Songlines for your wonderful product!

John Sutherland, Calgary, Alberta


When I am not raising children, goats, sheep and Emu, I am a working dental hygienist of twenty years. The repetitive nature of the work has left me with early carpal tunnel symptoms. I take B complex vitamins daily for nerve health and use Emu Oil topically applied to wrists as needed when symptoms occur. I have been pleased with the resulting pain relief and take no systemic medications to achieve the same results (with side effects) as the Emu Oil.

Alexandra H., Berlin, MD

Does anyone out there suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? I do. And I have found that rubbing Emu Oil into both wrists works much, much better to relieve the aching (so that I can sleep at night) than wearing splints and/or taking Relafan constantly. In fact, with all the keyboard ďusersĒ in this country, and all the workerís compensation claims being filed because of this growing problem for employers, (carpal tunnel syndrome) we need to provide information on the benefits of Emu Oil, to all major businesses in America and their insurance companies Ė who are paying the medical bills for the employees who develop this ailment.

Jane Helt, Sand Castle Ranch, U.S.


The Emu continues to amaze me. I have used its oil to combat a high cholesterol problem and it lowered my count 35 points in a month and a half. I told my sister about it and she tried it and it lowered hers from 300 to 250 in a space of two months. I am going back to the Mayo clinic in October to have it checked again. I am very anxious to see what it reads this time. I'm having a hard time convincing my doctor that you can lower cholesterol with oil.

Byron Bannit, Red Wing, Minnesota

Over a 3 month period not only did my husbandís cholesterol go from good 63 to 74 - bad 123 to 93 (our doctor recommends good 25-bad 110) but his fasting haemoglobin blood sugar (he is an insulin dependent diabetic) that was drawn at the doctors office that went from 9.3 to 6.1 (normal is 4.8 to 6.5) It has been in the 9 range for the past 15 years. My Dad had the same experience with his fasting haemoglobin blood dropping from 9.8 to 6. He has not had his cholesterol checked yet. This has been an unexpected bonus. Also both of them lost weight. My husband tried to lose weight and lost 24 pounds in 3 months. My dad never changed a thing and lost 14 lbs.   Another bonus.


I have been taking Emu Oil by mouth for 18 months now. I no longer need medication to lower my blood pressure (from 160/95 to 130/80). Also my stiff and sore knees are more mobile and comfortable.

A. Tiel, Chemainus, B.C.


My husband has always had a lot of cold sores in the wintertime. They are on his nose, his mouth and large ugly ones. He has started using Emu Oil on them as soon as they start to develop and they do not amount to anything.  He swears by it.

Don & Lois McIntyre, Ontario


I am a plumber and I work out in extreme cold weather in the winter, with my hands in water constantly. My fingers take an awful beating from the hard work and constant weather and water exposure. I have tried all types of hand creams and lotions to give relief to my hands, which often get so bad that they crack and bleed. After attending a seminar, my wife purchased some Emu Oil, and I thought, what the heck, weíll give it a whirl. I am very sceptical about new products, so when I tried the oil, I couldnít believe that it actually worked on my hands. After work, every evening, I apply the oil, more so in the winter than in the summer, and my skin no longer cracks. We always have a supply of it in the house.

Mike MacNeill, St. Marys, Ontario



My son has a severe case of eczema and needs a prescription every time it flares up. His feet and wrists are bothered the worst, and get so bad that they crack and bleed. It was suggested to us to try Emu Oil, and to our surprise within 2 to 3 times of using this, his eczema cleared up! Thanks to the Emu Oil we no longer need to use cortisone, and his eczema is under control. I would recommend anyone to try Emu Oil; weíre glad we did!

Laurie Renaud, Saskatchewan



I first tried Emu Oil gel caps because of their blend of essential fatty acids for my multiple sclerosis.  I soon found that they improved my energy and helped me with clear-headed thinking.  Now I take five to six gel caps each morning.

W. Code MD, Duncan, B.C.



I am 60 years old and Iíve suffered from narcolepsy (the inability to stay awake) for many years.  Until this summer (2001), I was taking 20 Ritalin pills per day.  After hearing Dr. Code on the radio, who uses 5 Emu Oil capsules per day for energy, I decided to try them.  I now take 4 Emu Oil gel caps per day and only need 2 Ritalin per day to stay awake.

Victoria, B.C.


I suffered with a severe case of shingles. Not being able to stand the itch and aggravation, and after trying medical and home remedies, I was desperate.  My daughter had a sample of Emu Oil, so I tried it. It truly did help! The Emu Oil relieved the itch and soreness, and within a week of constant use my skin returned to normal. Yes, Emu Oil does work!

Paul Heglon, Saskatchewan


Our physician's fair, red headed daughter suffered a bad sunburn on a small exposed area that did not receive sun block. Within minutes of applying Emu Oil, her pain was relieved, and there was no blistering or peeling.

Sue Kiselicka, Medford, WI